Cell phones, televisions and soft-serve ice cream are paralleled during this discussion highlighting the differences between a feature phone and smartphone, along with the evolution of the smart TV. Today, ice cream, phones and TVs come in many varieties, but that wasn’t always the case considering that it hasn’t been that long ago that “vanilla” was the flavor of necessity for all three.

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Learn the differences between LCD and LED TV technology and review a list of 10 criteria you might want to consider before deciding on the perfect plasma, LCD or LED flat-screen for your situation and viewing habits. This episode begins with a brief explanation of the similarities and differences between the LCD and LED TVs in today’s marketplace, followed by a list of 10 criteria you might want to consider when deciding between LCD, LED or Plasma flat panels

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Many of today’s flat screen TVs don’t offer the type of sound quality you will be expecting from that new purchase. After bringing home that new TV, you may realize your system’s quality is only as good as the weakest link. And, for many of today’s TVs the weakest link will be the sound quality.

In this episode Ron continues his discussion on purchasing that new TV with a review of three methods to improve the sound quality.

Topics include:

  • Soundbars
  • Theater-in-a-Box
  • Home Theater Surround Sound Experience
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Bringing home that new TV can be an exciting experience, but the setup will only be as good as the weakest link. While the video quality may be excellent, the sound quality may not be sufficient to meet your expectations.

In this episode Ron discusses one way he solved a sound quality and clarity deficiencies he and his wife were experiencing by adding a pair of simple, cheap external speakers to a plasma TV.

Topics include:

  • Internal speakers on today’s TVs
  • Check to determine the type of audio out on the TV
    • Headphone jack
    • R and L channel RCA jacks
    • Digital audio
    • Optical audio
  • How to add a pair of computer speakers to a TV
  • Sound check of the internal and external speakers
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