Vacationing with an iPad as your only camera. You have got to be kidding! No, leaving my DSLR camera at home, I primarily used my iPad during a two-week vacation last summer. Here are a few mobile photography lessons I have learned.

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During a two-week vacation, I decided to leave my DSLR camera at home and use only my iPad and iPhone. At first, I really felt awkward standing in a crowd shooting with my iPad. Almost everyone else is using DSLR, point-and-shoot or cellphone cameras. And, here I am holding this giant tablet in front of my face. In this episode I share some mobile photography lessons I have learned since my trip.

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Adding smart TV features such as Netflx and YouTube to your existing television can be as simple as 1, 2 or 3. In this episode, Ron discusses his impressions of the positive and negative aspects of the Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku units.

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